Suzi Kata’s painting

Maori "Babushka" dolls

Maori “Babushka” dolls

This is a “Third Space” painting as it is informed by Suzi’s “First Space” or her Maori / Pasifika heritage and her “Second Space” being the Pakeha Culture she has grown up in as well. As a child she always wanted a set of the Russian dolls but knew her parents were not about to “waste” money on that so she has painted a set of Maori dolls. The dolls are both a self portrait and a representation of the generations in her whakapapa. The moko shows they are women of status. This has been a creative blending of both influences in her past to produce an original blend that is unique.

On Saturday 7 September, an Art Exhibition – WAIRUA  by Suzi Kata was held at Te Papapa School Hall (corner of Mt Smart and Captain Springs Roads). This was a very special event attended by about 50 of Suzi’s whanau and friends. Suzi’s dad opened with a Karakia in Tongan and then a group sang a Waiata. Jocelyn Grantham spoke briefly, followed by Suzi who shared a little of the “back-story” to the exhibition.

Wairua exhibition OL